Touchscreen Smart Watch


$49.99 $16.00

Smart watches are the ultimate smart gadget, this one in particular is affordable.

  • 1.44″ TFT LCD Touchscreen
  • Power lasts about a full day of intense usage (210 mAh batter). Charging takes 1 hour.
  • Date & time display
  • Displays incoming call information, and can answer calls from your wrist
  • Bluetooth music control and play on connected phone
  • Syncs call history and SMS messages (Currently only for Android)
  • Alerts you when you receive notifications on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and others
  • Phone camera remote picture taking (Currently only for Android)
  • Pedometer (foot steps), Sleep Monitor, Altimeter (measures altitude), Barometer (measures atmospheric pressure)
  • Calendar
  • Free shipping; Delivery takes 12-20 days

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    Once I started wearing this watch all my friends started calling me Jimmy Neutron and asking me to invent them stuff. I decided to invent a new drink that’s kind of like lemonade but it’s green(proprietary ingredients). I got some friends to help me sell it at the local skate park and I’ve made $17 so the watch does pay for itself over time. Good investment.

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